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Image Histogram Generator

Image Histogram Generator

In order to add exposure histograms to this site, I needed a program to generate them. You can check out the end results in one of the scenes

I expected to find some free tools on the internet to do this for me, but I could not find anything.
Programs like photoshop give you histograms to help you to adjust images, but it is not easy to save the histograms out as files, especially if you want to create 6000+ of them!

I ended up writing my own tool "Image Histogram Generator",
and have made it freely available for download here (windows only)

It is pretty simple, you just select the files you want histograms for, and click 'go'
The histogram will be saved in the same directory as the original image, with "_histogam" added to the end of the file name


I intend to add new features as I go (rgb histograms and other output options) and I will update this page with the latest version.